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DSL -VS- Cable

Who has the better speed?

DSL connection and Cable Modem basically provide the same Mbps speeds. However DSL may become slower the farther you live from the provider’s central office. Cable speed usually depends on Web traffic.

How does DSL and Cable compare with availability and reliability?

They are both reliable and have great performance usually. DSL and Cable are not available in all areas but Cable is available to anyone who can receive cable television which may have an advantage over DSL.

Which has the better price?

DSL is a little more expensive than cable. Cable wins when it comes to the price. Based on installation and monthly service fees, cable is usually a better bet if price is an issue.

Something to help you decide if you should go with Cable or DSL are if you live in an area where both cable and DSL are offered then you may get a better deal on your broadband service. Cable and DSL providers usually provide discounts on bundles packages.

What about Security?

They usually need to purchase antivirus software and a firewall for either internet connection.

Who has better Customer Service and Popularity?

From they find DSL has higher customer survey ratings than cable services. also states cable internet enjoys has greater popularity than DSL in the U.S. DSL dominates the nations outside the U.S.

Who has the better installation process?

DSL has had several horror stories in the past. But now they haven’t definitely stepped up to the plate with self installation. Cable does let you self-install but most people do not know and get stuck with Cable companies installing their internet.



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New ERA of Software

What is the definition of Web Based Software?
Web based software or online software resides on the software provider’s file servers instead of on your computer hard drive as with traditional software. Web based software is used online via the Internet using a browser like Firefox or Internet Explorer.
Some web based software lets you store data on your own computer, but the majority of online software services store data on secure file servers owned or rented by the software company.
If I were a Sr. Software programmer I would design my new software program using web based applications. This is definitely a superior choice. Cd’s are a thing of the past. There will be challenges to overcome but my software program will be easier for the users. Businesses will definitely benefit from applications being distributed through a web based software program.
The main reason I chose to design my program using a web based application is all you need is an Internet connection. Utilizing web based software would give you immediate access to your applications and the latest release of the software. Web based applications uses less RAM memory and may be less prone to crashing . Distributing the software would be a easier than attempting to hand CD’s to an entire business group. Cd’s can be damaged or misplaced so having everything web based is easier to manage.
The challenges a web based application faces are lack of control and security to point out a few.
Our toughest challenge may be accepting this new technology.




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All in One printer

What’s a great choice for a home office printer? An All in one printer is a great choice for numerous reasons. This multifunctional printer may have different components all on one machine. These components consist of printer, scanner, copier, and/or fax machine. These printers are reasonably priced and take up very little space on your desk.

There are always things that can be done to enhance your all in one experience. Negatives I’ve foreseen with using this type of printer consist of: connect ability, setup, duplex printing, ink use, picture quality, and paper capacity. An all in one printer may also take up a bit of space on your desktop. The best way to avoid these issues are to research your printer to make sure it falls within the category for which it is needed.

An all in one printer would be a great addition to my home office. I would need a printer that can scan receipts, copy forms, and fax letters to clients. It will need to be durable and easy to use. It will also need to have a great picture quality and features such as built in media card reader and LCD screen. If it has wireless capabilities it would allow my family to use it from different computers within the household. Having an all in one printer would help me transition from office to personal responsibilities. The all in one printers various colors and shapes will address my business style. Scanning documents will increase my organizational skills so that I can eliminate paper clutter. These things are beneficial to my office duties so I am prepared for the unexpected.,2704,1956487,00.asp

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