New ERA of Software

What is the definition of Web Based Software?
Web based software or online software resides on the software provider’s file servers instead of on your computer hard drive as with traditional software. Web based software is used online via the Internet using a browser like Firefox or Internet Explorer.
Some web based software lets you store data on your own computer, but the majority of online software services store data on secure file servers owned or rented by the software company.
If I were a Sr. Software programmer I would design my new software program using web based applications. This is definitely a superior choice. Cd’s are a thing of the past. There will be challenges to overcome but my software program will be easier for the users. Businesses will definitely benefit from applications being distributed through a web based software program.
The main reason I chose to design my program using a web based application is all you need is an Internet connection. Utilizing web based software would give you immediate access to your applications and the latest release of the software. Web based applications uses less RAM memory and may be less prone to crashing . Distributing the software would be a easier than attempting to hand CD’s to an entire business group. Cd’s can be damaged or misplaced so having everything web based is easier to manage.
The challenges a web based application faces are lack of control and security to point out a few.
Our toughest challenge may be accepting this new technology.





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    har1eygur1 said,

    I will have to agree with you about web based software. Uploading to your own computer without CD always helps to, less things in the way around the house or office to be missed placed, lost, stolen and/or broken.

  2. 2

    har1eygur1 said,

    Sorry, I had to run out and did not get to finish my comment.
    Security, is a must these days. Give software companies time and they will hopefully figure out a way to control that issue.

  3. 3

    lb5hs said,

    I agree that from a software provider stand point Web base it the way to go. It’s cheaper to produce it you already have an existing network, faster to distribute throughout the world, cheaper and faster to resolve internal software issue and bugs. But web based software has some downsides, such as if your customer has no availability to access the internet, or they have dial up. Most customers get a little upset with slow downloading. Less advance end user might find it difficult with firewalls and antivirus setting which may interfere with downloading your product. CD based software has some downsides as well, such as if there is damage to the CD, you are out of luck and if there is a major upgrade, but by having to buy your software outright, rather than the convenience of web based you can charge for upgrades, but offering free upgrades because your software is web based will make your more popular with your customers.

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