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Phishing by kenk124

You said 1 month ago:

I agree all banks should have this information on their websites, especially for the individuals who may not be as familiar with dealing with the Internet and email. Thieves use different ways to obtain your information like phone calls, text message, or etc. Educating individuals about this threat is the best way to avoid criminals to gain access to your information. Phishing seems like it is getting more advance and banks will need to continue updating their security and software to protect their clients.

Wikipedia – Is it reliable? by Julie Marshall

You said 1 month ago:

I did not know much about Wikipedia before reading your post. From the information giving I think the Chesney’s study says it all. Wikipedia should only be used for background information. If the contents were not screened how would anyone know the information giving is accurate without doing further research. I do not think this is a reliable source by itself. Just because the Britannica and Wikipedia have similar errors I think Britannica has the upper hand because it has the formal peer review every time information is added.

Cable vs Fios by young42

You said 1 month ago:

I also have Comcast Internet service and I appreciate the speed over DSL. I haven’t heard much about FIOS just that it supposed to be pretty fast. I don’t download or use the Internet much so to pay more than $33 a month would be a waste. The price for FIOS seems pretty steep and you probably have to pay for installation. I have had my issues with Comcast but they get resolved pretty quickly. I have Vista and it seems they do not have the same troubleshooting help as they do for XP.

VOIP by kenk124

You said 1 month ago:

Ken, thanks for the lesson is VOIP. I have never heard of this technology or maybe haven’t paid much attention to it. I’ve seen Vonage posters but never was interested. VOIP sounds like it may be the service to get in the future like FIOSor Web based software but it just needs to have the bugs worked out. Many of my family and friends only carry cell phones due to the fact of landlines being so expensive.

Distributing Software by Julie Marshall

You said 1 month ago:

There are great reasons to use web based or CD software. I never thought about the multimedia issue with a web based software. This is concern if you were distributing software like that. Downloading using a CD can become a complicated event when you have to follow those instructions such as go to start, run etc. Having information just a click away to update at any time or distribute to a large group makes web based software very appealing. I love convenience so web based software would benefit me the most.

The Impacts of Throwing Away Your Old Computer Hardware by kenk124

You said 1 month ago:

You never hear about the damage computer parts do to the environment. Its amazing that we do not take better care of the Earth. Definitely getting a tax deductions for donating your old computer hardware is awesome. This is something I will share with my family. Dell, Gateway, Sony just to name a few need to set up recycling posts like they do at cell phone distributors. This may encourage customers to bring their old computers to them. Giving a customer a reward definitely makes you think about recycling before going to the dump.


All-In-One Printers – The Pros and Cons by Julie Marshall

You said 2 months ago:

I definitely have to agree with you. I have a EasyShare Kodak All-in-one printer and absolutely loveit. This machine matches perfectly with my Kodak digital Camera. It took lots of research to make sure I had chosen the best printer for my family. The cartridges are inexpensive and it has a LCD screen. When your printer, copier, fax, and scanner are all on one machine I agree that if something needs to be repaired it can be a hassle but when you have great customer service and a warranty than it is only a minor set back. I’ve heard the Dell all-in-one printer is a great printer and would definitely consider that when I have to purchase another one.

Blackberry, baby! by kenk124

You said 2 months ago:

This is a very interesting blog especially since I own a three year old phone. I definitely will be updating my phone this year. I never understood the hype over the iphone, blackberry, etc. As long as my phone made calls I was happy but reading your blog makes me think about convenience. I think my major concerns would be durability. I have a three year old that has dropped and walked all over my phone and it still works. The newer phones that my friends have such as razor, side kick, etc. all had problems with hardware and if they shut their phones too hard their phones require repair.


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