About ME


My nickname is Khris. I am originally from Sussex County, VA. Sussex is a very small county next to Greensville, VA. I lived in a single parent home with my younger sister, Kelsey. I graduated from Sussex Central High School in 2002. I was accepted to Old Dominion University where I studied Chemistry. I left Old Dominion University to work for a while and decided to start school again this year. I am now pursuing a career in Human Resources since I have been working in the field for 3 1/2 years. Once I obtain this degree I would love to go back to school for Chemistry.

I am currently working for Estes Express Lines in their Benefits Department. Estes Express lines is a Family owned LTL carrier. My job consists of the Family Medical Leave Act, disability, and time assurance. FMLA laws makes this a challenging and a rapidly changing career. The job atmosphere is great no micro-managing which makes it easier to go to work everyday.

My family consist of my three year old son Mark, husband, and my labadoodle Ice Cold. My son’s favorite activities are playing tennis, basketball, and watching spongebob. I am a very ambitious person with an extroverted personality so my family deals with several changes. We enjoy traveling and board games.

After the completion of my degree I would like to find a managerial job and gain more experience in the HR profession. My goals are to help companies realize the strengths in keeping their Human Resource Departments in house.

My Favorites Hobbies



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