My Favorite Piece of Technology

My Garmin Street-pilot is my favorite piece of technology.  I have no sense of direction and the day the GPS was created helped me out tremendously.  This particular GPS has a blue-tooth capability so I can talk hands free while on the road.  It also has an Anti-Theft system, which can deter thieves.  There are also several trip features such as average speed, maximum speed, and trip timer.  There are several roads that have been changed and the fact that this GPS knows these things really impressed me.  Since I do not know the streets well in the Richmond area having the traffic alert prevents me from being late for appointments.  The Garmin GPS plays music from SD cards and does text to speech direction.  The fact that the GPS has a 3.5in screen and changes the background colors for day and night makes the visual aspect clear.  This unit was easy to set up and use. It is also sleek enough to use as a carry device around the city.

There are several reason to obtain this technology.  If you are like me this unit can help you around town to find restaurants, banks, stores, and recreational activities you may have never noticed before.  The fact that this unit can be taken out of the car is a huge advantage due to this age in time when crime is so high.  This unit can be adhered to your front window or on the dashboards.  This GPS is not just a piece of technology it is becoming one of my best friends.








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    kenk124 said,

    GPS systems are, I feel, some of the greatest pieces of modern technology outside of the cell phone! I’m sure there are many new technological devices that are way cool and way useful, but for me, GPS is definately where it’s at. I do have a pretty good sense of direction, but my wife and I take a lot of road trips, and it really is nice to know EXACTLY where you are going, and to be able to find all sorts of business’ and points of interest along the way!!

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